Informational websites (dynamic)

Description: The website can contain all kinds of information. There is an administration module for fast and easy content management. With the module you can create menus and submenus, you can also add, edit and delete web pages. To format the content, the site administrator can use an editor program which formats the text (a choice of font, color and size of the text; bold, underline, strikethrough and italic; numbered or unnumbered lists; text alignment), adds images, tables and documents; makes links and anchors both to pages inside the website and other sites, etc.

Base configuration:

  • making a unique design;
  • administration module for adding new information in the website, editing and deletion of existing information;
  • unlimited number of dynamic web pages;
  • creation and arrangement of menus and web pages;
  • editor program for content formatting;
  • contact form;
  • counter and statistics of the site visits;
  • publishing the website on the Internet;
  • registration in thirty of the best and most popular search engines and catalogs;
  • search engine optimization.

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