Analysis and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The main way to search and find information on the internet is through the search engines. If a website appears in the initial positions of the search results, this will inevitably increase the number of its visitors. This is why it is a priority to build the website in a way that allows its effective scanning and indexing by the search engines’ software. Search engine optimization means making or restructuring a website in accordance with the requirements of these search engines.

There are a number of criteria that a well optimized website has to meet. The most important of them are:

  • simple structure of the site to make it as accessible to the search engines as possible;
  • well written code;
  • appropriate positioning of key words in line with the site’s subject;
  • correct choice of colors, fonts, titles;
  • appropriate choice of domain name.

If you entrust the optimization to us, we will analyze the current state of your website and create directions for some changes in the texts or the structure, thus making the website easier to scan for the search engines so that it can appear at initial positions of the search results.